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Hi everyone!

I know I have been out a lot of time and I couldn't thank you all about watching me or faving Works, so I do it now!! Thank you! <3 And now I'm going to explain why I've been out sooo time…
First is because of my studies, I'm  studying second of bachillerato (I don't know how it's in English :P) and I have a lot of pressure!! TT Exams, exams, a lot of school projects, the driving license (yay! ^^) , selectivity…The most important now it's the school, so I had to decide that I had to stop painting temporally… It's soo bad! Painting is like an addiction to me TT .. well, in summer I will return :) But when I can I'm doing photos, because it occupies less time than painting, and I likes me more and more! Hehe
Secondly is because I have an artistic crisis (is that the name?) hehe, maybe for the school, or other problems..
Anyway, sorry if I can't thank all of your comments, favs.. But I appreciate them a lot! They help me to continue making things :)

Love you all <3
I have just realized that I have 30 watchers, I'm so happy right now!!! I have been out some days, but I'm back, and I'm full of energy hehe.
Well, I want to dedicate my first journey to all my watchers :heart: